What’s Happening in Taipei: July Events

Dear Taipei,

“Pool Parties, Nerd Conventions and The Food Project”… Sometimes the title says it all.

Those mysterious events are some of the most exciting ones to check out this month in Taipei. Want to find out more? My article for Travelog has all the event details.


Want the TLDR?

A screenshot of the Travelog article "Taipei this July"

Want the inside scoop on 5 unmissable events this July? Check out my Travelog review for all the juicy details.

  • There’s the annual French Party thrown by the French Association of Taipei, which is dripping in delicious French food, performances and market stalls.
  • A delectable food-orgy aka the Food Project– a program of food-related activities thrown as part of the World Design Capital Taipei 2016.
  • Two pool parties to dip into- Havana and Oasis– and they couldn’t be more different!
  • The so-called “nerd convention” (Travelog‘s words, not mine!) over at the 3-day Computer Applications Show. 

Yeah, something tells me this July in Taipei is going to be a busy and great one.

Any spark your interest? Got a hot event to share? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below!

Enjoy your July everyone!


(Header image credit: thefoodproject.com.tw)

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