Write for TTT

Do you want to write for Typing to Taipei

Typing to Taipei is looking for contributors to share their insights, tips, and experiences about Taipei and Taiwan.

Here are some topic ideas (but you can come up with your own!):

  • Travel experiences
  • Restaurant and bar recommendations
  • Tips for travelers and expats
  • Local insights
  • Opinion pieces
  • Taiwanese history

Whether you’re a local, expat, traveler, or fellow travel blogger, I’d love to hear from you!

You may be wondering, “What’s in it for me?”

  • Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there as a writer and to build your portfolio
  • Your writing will be read by thousands – in 2016, TTT had 35,000 views, and from January to April 2017 had 19,000
  • You will get an author bio with a link to your personal website, portfolio, or social media channels
  • Your article will be promoted on the Typing To Taipei Facebook page, which has 1000+ likes
  • You’ll get to help fellow locals, expats, and travelers discover more of this wonderful country!
  • If you’re new to writing/writing for the web, I’ll help you edit and SEO the piece

If you’re interested, please email typingtotaipei[@]gmail.com with your idea or finished piece (a finished piece is preferable – but I understand that it is sometimes easier to pitch an idea first!). All writing must be original and not published elsewhere.

You will receive an email if your article is accepted for publication.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Please note, there is no financial compensation for guest posts.


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