Taipei Travel Guides

Need some help planning your Taipei trip, or want to discover some more exciting places in the city? Here are some articles I wrote for the travel site Travelog that may help you!

Don’t know where to go in Taipei?

Read: Taipei Neighbourhoods: Where To Go And Why

Still tossing up between hostels?

Read: Taipei Hostels Perfect for Every Type of Traveler

Interested in visiting a museum or two?

Read: The Definitive List of Taipei Museums

Need to buy some souvenirs?

Read: 20 Locals and Expats Share Their Gift Shopping Ideas in Taipei
Read: The Definitive Guide to Souvenir Shopping in Taipei

Need a caffeine (and brunch!) fix?

Read: Bean There, Done That: Taipei Cafes Perfect For Every Occasion

Want to eat cheaply in Taipei?

Read: Taipei Cheap Eats: 5 Meals Under TWD$100

Confused about which night market to head to?

Read: A Foodie’s Guide to Taipei’s Night Markets

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