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Welcome to my Published Works page!

Business Writing

For a selection of my published works, including non-Taipei related articles, please see my online portfolio. To hire me as a freelance writer or SEO consultant, check out my freelance writing and digital marketing website, If you have a bigger project, I’d recommend working with my digital marketing agency, Disruptive Digital Marketing.

Below is a sample of the publications I have written for:

Examples of places Monica Mizzi has published on

Travel Writing

For a look at my Taipei-related pieces, please see below.

Scoot Magazine Cover Issue 19
I was commissioned to write two city guides for the “Discover” section of Scoot Airline’s in-flight magazine. Click here to read the articles.

Higher View April 2016 cover

I was commissioned to write 3 pages of “News Briefs” in China Eastern Airlines’ in-flight luxury bilingual magazine, Higher View. News Briefs is a summary of the latest news pertaining to Australia-China business. Click here to read the piece.

travelog logo
For two and a half years, I was commissioned by Travelog, a travel app, to write articles as a “locally-based expert” in Taipei. I was in fact their first Taipei-based writer! I infused my own “insider” observations and thorough research to engage readers in topics such as entertainment, food and leisure. I was in charge of writing the monthly Taipei event guide. My articles are read and shared with travelers around the world. Check out my Travelog Author Page for a full list of articles.

A sample of my articles for travelog:

A sample of my Monthly guides:

Focus Taiwan logo
I contributed articles to  Focus Taiwan with the aim of engaging the international community in dialogue about life in Taiwan as a foreigner, and providing information particularly pertinent to foreigners. Focus Taiwan is the English-language news website of the Central News Agency (CNA), Taiwan’s national news agency.

  • The year in review- Top 10 articles on Focus Taiwan in 2015
    A round up of the most popular articles on Focus Taiwan for the year. -The article was one of the top ten most read articles for the week
  • Double, double toil and trouble- Witch Festival 20th anniversary
    A write up about the Witch Festival music festival, which was thrown to to celebrate 20 years of being the breeding ground of local talent.
  • Thanksgiving in Taipei 2015
    My Thanksgiving in Taipei guide was the most comprehensive  published this year. It includes listings of every restaurant, hotel and bar which held a Thanksgiving event in Taipei.
  • The go-to-guide to Halloween in Taipei 2015
    I created the most comprehensive guide published this year of every Halloween event in Taipei.
    -The article was the second most read article on the Focus Taiwan website for the week.
  • Taipei Design and City Exhibition 2015- We are the power
    A review of the wonderful Taipei Design and City Exhibition which was held in Songshan Creative and Cultural Park in 2015.
  • Finding your feet in Taipei
    A guide on how to settle into Taipei, with a huge list of of groups, events and opportunities to help you make friends, a and business connections.
    -The article was one of the most read articles on the Focus Taiwan website for the week.
  • Ten ways you know you’re turning into a local in Taiwan
    My inaugural piece as a published writer. My humorous piece is about the ten tell-tale signs that an expat living in Taiwan is transitioning from “foreigner” to “local”.
    -The piece has had one of the largest responses of any article ever posted on the Focus Taiwan Facebook page, with a reach of nearly 30,000  in less than 48 hours, over 2800 engagements and over 600 likes, comments and shares.

Foreign Students
A collection of essays written by students studying in Taiwan.

  • When even you don’t know what’s next
    A personal essay about a situation many people face when living abroad- what step to take next in life. An introspective piece in which I weigh up the options I have, and reflect on the convoluted nature of decision making about the future.

One of the leading sources of information about Taiwan for expats.

Taipei Trends
My review of the incredible Tiger Mountain Ramble music festival held in Taipei was published on the go-to-site for Taipei happenings, Taipei Trends.

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