SPOT Taipei Film House – 光點台北電影院

Spot Taipei Film House

Dear Taipei,

SPOT Taipei Film House has a certain way of captivating people passing by in their tracks. There is always a gathering of people outside, gawking at its beautiful architecture. But most don’t venture into its walls. I hope this review will change that, because catching a film at SPOT is one of the best cultural activities you can do in Taipei.

SPOT Taipei Film House 光點台北電影院

Spot Taipei Film House

SPOT Taipei Film House is a sight in itself

Perhaps it’s the European elegance this tall two-story mansion exudes with its classical, white structure, or that it looks so sharply out of place standing unassumingly on a street corner off the busy Zhongshan North Road.

SPOT Taipei's beautiful exterior

There are always people who gather around the building just to gawk

There is without a doubt something about SPOT that allures so many people at first sight. It’s exterior is just one part of a story dating back many decades. But more on that later…

SPOT, as it stands now, is a wonderful movie theater film fanatics would do themselves a service to visit.

The exterior of SPOT Taipei

Head to the right hand side of the building to enter the movie theater

A Unique Movie Experience in Taipei

Indie, art-house films reign supreme here, with a handful of titles showing on a monthly rotating basis. International titles tend to dominate, and you can expect all assortment of romance, comedy, documentary films, with something within each film which speaks to viewers on an emotional level.

The cinema itself is very intimate, seating only 88 on its bright, red chairs.

Inside the cinema at SPOT Taipei Film House

A look inside the intimate film house

Every day, two movies screen over five or six sessions, so it’s not too hard to find a time to squeeze in a viewing in your week. At NT$260 a ticket ($240 for students), it is an affordable way to spend a leisurely couple of hours.

The core value of SPOT, according to Taiwan Film & Culture Association, is:

“A site combining the quaint charm of a historic site and cinematography and providing a locus for creative interactions”

Movie posters at SPOT Taipei Film House

Choose your pick from the diverse array of movies screened each month at SPOT

The history of SPOT Taipei

I alluded previously to the building’s long history. Indeed, its walls speak of a history both rich and intriguing. It once served as the residence of the US ambassador from the 1950’s to the late 1970’s, and was even at one point the choice of abode for one Richard M. Nixon. As each ambassador played in pivotal role in the progression of art and culture in Taipei, the building can be seen as a “testament to the Sino-US relations, but also a landmark in the cultural development of Taipei”.

The outside of SPOT Taipei Film House

A view of the historic building from outside its gates

The building was then abandoned for nearly twenty years until it went under massive renovation. Its reopening in 2002 hailed a new era, the one we see today in its conception as “SPOT”- a cultural hub for cinematography.

The fact that a building exists in this city entirely dedicated to independent, international cinema is a wondrous thing in itself.

So next time you’re wanting to catch a movie, why not skip the usual Hollywood fare and head to SPOT for a movie experience with a bit of a twist.


More information about SPOT Taipei Film House

Where is SPOT Taipei?

No.18, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei
台北市中山區中山北路二段18號 (捷運中山站旁)

What is the Nearest MRT?

The film house is located a couple of minutes from Zhongshan Exit 4

What are the screening hours?

The screening hours change on a daily basis, but generally  11:30-21:30 (check the schedule)

How much is a ticket?

General admission NT$260; Students NT$240 (with Student ID)

Want more info about SPOT?

For more information, including the movie schedule, please go to the SPOT Homepage.

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