What’s happening in Taipei: March edition

Dear Taipei,

“Basically January, February are the three worst months for events. It’s so cold, rainy, and indoorsy”.

So started my friend Marcus Aurelius’ insight into the bit of the lag we’re seeing in the volume of events to start off 2016. And he would know what he’s talking about, being not only a juggernaut of knowledge and influence on Taipei’s events scene, but also one of Taipei’s most successful DJs.

I get it- in these first months of 2016 it’s been a bit of a scramble to find “fitting” events to include in my monthly “Taipei this month” column for Travelog. Let’s make it clear- in Taipei there is never a shortage of events Every. Single. Day. And. Night. It’s more that lately, there aren’t events appropriate to include in a guide aimed at travelers visiting Taipei.


But don’t you worry! After hours of searching, I have found five worthy events I recommend you check out this month. Maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s a really cool selection of culture, art, music, drama and tradition. Check out my Taipei This March guide HERE.

This month, I’m imploring you to amp up that creative side you’ve pushed to the side. To start, there’s the @&#^ing fantastic Keith Haring Exhibition still showing in Taipei. I had to be ~professional~ when I was writing my recommendation for Travelog, but my true emotions are something like this- “AHHHH IT IS JUST. SO. GOOD. INCREDIBLE. I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH HOW AMAZING IT IS! DROP EVERYTHING AND GO NOW!” That’s the toned done version as well 😉 Read my review of it >here<.


Keith Haring

How about seeing a play? Yes, a play. Forget any notions you had about going to the theater being too “high brow”. This play I’m recommending is the perfect gateway into the world of theater. It’s funny, thought provoking and the script is from an acclaimed playwright.

And if you’re after insane fun, you must, must, must attend the HOLI Festival. I went last year, and it was one of my favourite days of the whole year. No exaggeration! Everyone was just so damn happy- and I came back awash with bright colours and a stupid grin that lasted hours after.


Before the HOLI Festival revved up



A glimpse at the craziness of the HOLI Festival


Looking a lot more colourful after heading into the action at HOLI festival

It’s lanterns-are-us over at Lantern Festival. Perfect to combat that certain emptiness you feel when you go too many days without seeing lanterns. If you’re into J-Pop you’ll probably already know Japan’s big name in RnB pop, Namie Amuro, is heading to Taipei this month.


Taiwan Lantern Festival

Alright, that’s enough fleshing out of the article I already wrote! Hope to see you all at an event or two!

Let me know in the comments below which events you’re anticipating, what your thoughts are after you’ve checked them out, and I’ll be most excited to hear any recommendations for events too! Cheers!

March to it! (har har)

Lots of love,


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