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A (solo) picture tells a thousand words

Dear Taipei, If you’ll be so kind, I’d like to share an anecdote from yours truly. Yesterday after parting from my friends, I was strolling around in a department store when I saw a huddle of people. Curious, I went over and saw they were waiting to have a go at an instant photobooth set […]

Taipei hostels perfect for every type of traveler

Dear Taipei, I have some exciting news I have been busting to share for months, but couldn’t until all the lose ends were tied up. Long story short, I have been asked to be a contributing writer for the Taipei chapter of a startup travel app called¬†Travelog!¬† It’s a free app and website which produces […]

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Taipei

The most comprehensive Halloween in Taipei 2015 guide out there!

10 ways you’re turning into a local in Taiwan

Dear Taipei, Exciting news concerning you and me (the ultimate couple)- I just had my first article published! it’s for Focus Taipei, which is the English division of Taiwan’s national news agency. 10 ways your know you’re turning into a local in Taiwan It’s a humorous piece I wrote to get a laugh out of […]