Taipei hostels perfect for every type of traveler

Dear Taipei,

I have some exciting news I have been busting to share for months, but couldn’t until all the lose ends were tied up. Long story short, I have been asked to be a contributing writer for the Taipei chapter of a startup travel app called TravelogIt’s a free app and website which produces unique travel guides about Asia’s biggest cities like Beijing, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and now,  Taipei! The coolest thing is that in each city, they’ve asked locally-based bloggers (oh hello!) to share their insights and experiences to make a more authentic type of city guide.

I can’t even believe it still…

Well, let’s get to it- here is my first article:


And look! I even have my own writer profile! How sweet! ❤
(The unintended placement of the”What’s Hot” drop down menu above my picture is very flattering indeed haha!)


Let me know what you think! I really put my little heart into it. Probably too much as I eagerly wrote extremely detailed descriptions which had to be slivered down because unfortunately it was over the word count (word counts and me have never been friends).

Excitingly, I realise more and more this is exactly the line of work I want to get into. Although it took a ridiculous amount of time for me to research, write and edit the articles, it never felt like “work”. Rather, it felt thrilling to wade through the ideas in my head and try to formulate them into cohesive and engaging descriptions. My editor is super nice and encouraged me from the beginning to write in “my voice”, so hopefully that remained in tact throughout!

I was so excited, humbled and flabbergasted to be asked to help create the Taipei chapter. Me? Really? To be honest, I didn’t quite believe it was all real until I saw my works published on the site/app the other day.

Right now far only three are up, and another three are scheduled to be up soon. I’ll post the other articles in the coming days (or if you’d like to check them out now they’re listed on on my writer’s profile above).

But you know what is the most amazing thing of all? That this opportunity wouldn’t have ever eventuated without this little blog, and of course I couldn’t do this blog without you all supporting and reading it. So thank you again! Internet hug 🙂

Happy Sunday!


PS. The main picture is from my stay at the 8 Elephants Hostel (the last hostel I feature in my article). I chose to stay there when I first came to Taiwan. It was honestly such a beautiful experience staying there, and I remember my time there so fondly. It was obviously Christmas time then and they threw a fun party to celebrate. I can’t believe that was nearly two years ago to the day!


  1. Hey I stayed at 8 Elephants as well this year! I absoluetly loved the place and everyone working there is great!
    And is that Karen in your top photo??? Small world ! ahahah


    1. Hey Anon!

      Thanks a bunch for your comment! Always lovely to hear from my readers!

      Awesome- isn’t it just great? It really is such a special hostel which genuinely tries to provide guests with a memorable, personalised experience.

      If I didn’t have a house now here I’d just want to stay there forever!

      So you were just traveling through Taipei?

      Yes! That’s Karen there with the other girls, I’m not sure if you had a chance to meet them too.


      1. Yeah miss that place like crazy !
        Well I was supposed to see a bit more of Taiwan but ended up putting my passport through the wash (All you can drink clubs will be the death of me if I live there) so had to stick around in Taipei for 2 weeks but staying at EE made it worthwhile !

        I ended up meeting most of the people at EE because I was basically living there but feel bad cause I can’t recognise anyone else in the photo, even Karen looks way different !

        Was Ben working there when you stayed there ? He ended up looking out for me a fair bit aha, great bloke.

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  2. Hahaha I’m sorry I must admit your comment made me laugh! Only because I think putting a passport through the wash is something I would do! Touch wood I don’t! What a good ending to a bad situation. I can imagine it would have been very stressful!

    I also went to an all you can drink club when I first came here (the very classy Babe18 no less), and boy I remember getting quite drunk! The alcohol they use there is not very good so I hear a lot of people say they have especially bad effect and hangovers after going.

    Ben wasn’t there when I was there- just the girls pictured in the photo! But I did meet him when one of the girls left this year, he seems very nice. I don’t know how they find such nice people but they’re very good at hiring the best kind of people 🙂

    You’ll have to come back to Taipei if you love it so much!:)


    1. ahaha it’s ok, I was able to laugh about it myself !
      Overall the process wasn’t too stressful because, and I swear on my mums life here, I lost that same passport in Korea (Turns out I left it at the money exchanger at the airport, found it the day before I had to leave to Taipei!). So I knew the whole process of getting a new passport like the back of my hand (Although I wish I didn’t)
      I was just devastated to lose my nice collection of stamps !

      Ahhh classic! I never went to the infamous babe 18, but I’ve heard nothing but interesting stories from there, I stuck to to Wave and Halo aha.
      Although the piss poor quality alcohol would explain why I felt so terrible the next morning !

      Yeah definitely in the midst of planning my next trip back to Taipei, but won’t be until late next year because of football :/

      At least I’ll have something good to look forward too !

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  3. Hahaha that’s good you can have such a good attitude about it- at least in retrospect! I always feel so silly when stuff like that happens (I recently overslept an early morning flight and ended up needing to buy two single tickets. I’m still hurting at the thought of it!), but once you tell your story you realise there’s so many people who have done the same, so it doesn’t seem so bad. At least now you will be extra careful! (Me too!). It’s a good country for something like that to happen in:)

    Oh no, I didn’t even think of the stamps. Well hopefully you have some strong memories and great photos of all your travels!

    Wave- I haven’t been but I passed the other day and there was a big line! That’s rather new- you must have came quite recently.

    I think Babe18 is a must, just because as you said it’s so infamous. I mean, its name says enough…

    Oh you play football, that’s cool! It’s my favourite sport to watch (coming from someone who hates to exercise this is a good compliment haha)

    Well if I’m still here by then, give me a message on here!:)


    1. aha thankyou ! I think I just got to the stage where I’ve realised shit happens no matter how prepared you are and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it aha, so that helps !

      Haha now that is my worst fear ! The thought of missing a flight terrifies me (So I inadvertently arrive wayyyy to early). Was it a pain organising flights while at the airport ?

      Yeah was in Taipei late July and I think we got to Xinyi at like 10 but didn’t get into the club until about 11 ? Worth it though !
      Will definitely hit Babe 18 up next time I’m there for the full experience ! aha

      Thankyou ! Although I can’t say I’m any good at it :’)

      Oh for sure !


      1. I think that’s the best attitude to take when traveling, as you definitely can’t control everything and a lot of unexpected unfortunate stuff can happen. It’s very upsetting at the time but later on you realise there are way worse things that can happen.

        Oh it was absolutely horrible… It was completely my fault, but basically because I missed my flight over its HK airline company policy to cancel the whole ticket. I had no idea so thought the problem was over once I made that first mistake, but when I got to the airport on the way back I got a rude surprise when they said I couldn’t use that ticket anymore!

        It’s really, really smart to arrive early. One of those lifehacks that not too many people take! I am either just on time or running for the gate. I guess I am trying to milk every last second of being in the country so want to have my “last meal” or see one more sight. Though next time I will try to arrive early-you have inspired me 🙂

        Ahhh, yes, some of the lines are ridiculously long! Sometimes you can line up earlier, get the stamp and head back later when it’s more happening.

        I’m sure your great, give yourself some credit:-)


  4. funicular · · Reply

    Big-time CONGRATS on the travel writing gig TTT!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi funicular!

      Thank you for your comment! I love getting comments hehe 🙂

      Awe that’s so nice of you, thank you, I really appreciate it!

      Hope you’re having a great start to the week ^^


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