Tiger Mountain Ramble: A review

Dear Taipei,

What is it about a music festival that brings out either the best or worse in people?

If we’re going to generalise- I think there are two distinct types of revelers.

Type 1: See the main objective of a music festival as a chance to get completely smashed/high, with little, if any, regard given to the ~music~. Spotted easily with their “hilarious” antics, and obnoxious lack of consideration for everyone around them.

Type 2: See the main objective of a music festival as a chance to -get this- listen to the ~music~, chill with some drinks, possibly get a bit buzzed, and meet some new people along the way. All done successfully without antagonising anyone to wish death on them. Too easy.

Usually it only takes a couple of Type 1’s to “ruin” it for everyone else. I know in Australia we have a bit of a problem with this type- you can pretty much guarantee that the next day after a music festival you will read a headline or five about them. There will inevitably be some politicians and members of the public squawking with moral outrage to “SHUT DOWN ALL MUSIC FESTIVALS” and lamenting the state of our youth.

The reason I’m bringing this all up is because back in December two-thousand-and-fifteen, some friends and I attended a music festival which was, to sing its praises very loudly, an exemplar example of exactly what a music festival should be like.

I’m talking about the Tiger Mountain Ramble.

Here’s my review of the festival which was published in Taipei Trends.



I was so taken with it that the review is basically a love letter to it. Hey, when I like something all subtlety goes out the window! I wanted to write it in a style that positioned the reader in each scene as if they were there, by my side. A bit of a experiential piece, if you will.


It’s my first ever piece published on a platform like Taipei Trends (which is exactly the type of writing I want to break into), so it’s a bit exciting. ~Play it cool, TTT, play it cool~.

I sent my review to the feature act, Bob Log III, not expecting a reply, so was a bit taken aback not only to receive his seal of approval, but also a very him response- what a crack up and character he is! ~Implodes~.


So how did this all come about? I was originally going to post it here on Typing to Taipei, but after a paragraph or two into writing it I decided to contact Taipei Trends on a whim to see if they were interested in publishing it. To my surprise, they said yes! I couldn’t quite believe it until it was finally up. Taipei Trends is a site that I’ve loved since I came here, so to think that I am now a little part of it is honestly very surreal.

I’d love to hear what you think! Did any of you attend? What’s the most memorable music festival you’ve been to? What type of festival “etiquette” do you think everyone should try to abide by, if any?

Questions, questions! You know I’d love to hear your answers- Let me know in the comments section below!

Have a happy Spring Festival everyone!

新年快樂 (Xin Nian Kuai Le- Happy New Year)!



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