What’s happening in Taipei: January edition

electric run

Dear Taipei,

It’s January 2016. Can you believe it? To me, that “6” certainly looks a bit out of place. It will definitely take a while to make the conversion from 2015 to 2016. I think my New Year’s resolution should be able to roll “2016” off the tongue, at least by midyear. But considering I’m still telling everyone I’m 25 (when I very much am not), then this may be a resolution that joins “healthy eating” and “thinking about working out” in the “working on it” pile šŸ˜‰

January in Taipei- what a place to be! Here’s a round-up I wrote for Travelog of some of the amazing events happening in Taipei this month (Click headline or picture below for the guide!)



There is so much going on here to kick off the year. Writing the list made me realise the incredible diversity in events that are on at any given time in Taipei. I mean, look:

There’s a Rocky Horror tribute show, complete with a movie screening, live performance and party. An insanely fun Motown, funk and soul night over at Triangle called The Nitty Gritty. The Electric Run to get your fluro heart pumping. Mandopop goddess Cyndi Wang’s concert. A huge party to celebrate Taipei’s house music outfit Bass Kitchen‘s bday. A product expo with free samples galore at the Taipei New Year Market Fair.

And that’s just a small selection of the events happening in January- and there’s heaps of events planned that haven’t been announced yet. God, I love this city!

Is it just me, or are you also already excited for what is in store for two thousand and… sixteen?

Happy New Year Taipei!


Photo credit for header: Electric Run

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