Tales from the Road: Day 2 of Taiwan’s East Coast

Dear Taipei,

The second day of my road trip down Taiwan’s east coast was characterised by breathtaking views, long stares out into the infinite coast and incredible food.

We made our way down Highway 11 and were treated to views worthy of being a computer desktop background (you know the ones I mean!). Shihyusan in Chenggong Township was particularly stunning. That blue- my god, it prompted one of those humbling moments when you just stare and stare, unable to completely grasp how beautiful the world can be.

At Sanxiatai we saw the Terrace of the Three Immortals which was a stunning bridge representing how three of the 8 Immortals in Taiwan’s history landed there. It was a bridge like no other I’d seen before. On the walk to get a closer look at the sight, I was amused like a child by the pebbles underneath my feet. Rather than sand, there were thousands of the most colourful little rocks to welcome us.

We munched down a seafood lunch- three cup prawns, a stirfry with squid and the strangest fish I’ve ever tasted.

On reaching our second night’s destination, Dulan, we immediately fell in love. The chilled and effortlessly cool vibe of the town mustered up by the graffiti walls, palm trees, and the youthful spirit of surf and sun encouraged us to have a slow and relaxing final night.

Dinner out our hostel was unexpectedly amazing. A giant chicken that only I could conquer (I’m telling you, I have the stomach of a man!). We played a round of darts and I was made to humbly admit defeat (you can only win once a day it seems!).

We celebrated our last night with a couple of hours of live music outdoors, as we sipped our cooling drinks to the sound of music and the pelting rain.
Stay tuned for the final day!

Lots of love,


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