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An 800m Wander Down Dihua Street’s Lunar New Year’s Market

In Taipei and need Lunar New Year’s plans? You won’t regret a colorful trip down Dihua Street.

A visit to Nanmen Market (南門市場)

If you’re after a local experience, you can’t beat picking up some produce with the locals at Nanmen Market

Days 5, 6 and 7: Road trip!

Dear Taipei, I have to be honest, I’m so sad that out of the four Chinese words/phrases I know- “hello”, “thank you”, “yes” and the newly acquired “Happy (Chinese) New Year”, I can’t use the latter anymore. I became basically fluent in Chinese for a good couple of days over the Chinese New Year period […]

The first day

The first day Dear Taipei, “What?!” I hear you exclaim, “Has this blog about living in Taiwan turned into a blog about living in Taiwan, written when you’re actually living there? Now I’ve heard everything.” Yes, unbelievably, I am now writing from Taipei HQ. It’s 8:30pm here (11:30pm for the Aussie readership out there i.e. […]