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BBQ meat from Yi Sang, Taipei

Cheap eats in Taipei: Where to eat under NT$100

Want to know the secret to finding a bunch of cheap eats under $NT100? Just eat where all the uni students eat…

Lesson #725 in Chinese: Word order is very important.

Dear Taipei, Just a quick post for now because I have to start my homework (my, what a convenient time to be blogging), but thought I should share this. Lesson #725 in Chinese: Word order is very important. In a recent chapter test, I had to rewrite an incorrect sentence to make it grammatically correct […]


Dear Taipei, Truth or dare? (Please pick dare, lest you RUIN my blog post). Oh, dare? Good choice. Watch the below video. All 5 minutes 42 seconds of it. MULTIPLE TIMES UNTIL YOU WANT TO RIP YOUR BRAIN OUT. I promise you that is the PG version of what torture you will want to inflict […]

First day at Chinese Language Division (CLD), NTU

Dear Taipei, 好久不見! (Long time no see!) Impressive, right?… NOT. I “learned” it in class last week, but alas, my abyssal memory and the fact I haven’t been revising enough means I haven’t learned it off by heart. Anyway, it has been a long time since I’ve updated. To be honest, I have just been […]