What’s Happening in Taipei: November Events

What's happening in Taipei: November edition

Dear Taipei,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is in total denial that it’s November already. The increasingly cold and windy weather in Taipei is a bit of a nudge to all of us to recognize the year is coming towards a close, but it still feels unbelievable that we’re now in the second to last month of 2016!

Well, the great thing about the advent of November is that there’s lots of exciting events to look forward to in Taipei. I’ve handpicked 5 events to get you off your ass and out and about in Taipei, so check out my Taipei this November article for Travelog here for a detailed review.

November Events in Taipei

KuanDu International Animation Festival (November 1-5)

Kuandu International Animation Film Festival in Taipei
Hurry to catch the final days of the KuanDu International Animation Festival, a major animation film festival set right here in Taipei. It may have flown under your radar, but now you’ve got no excuse but to grab some friends and check out the varied program.

Art Taipei (November 12-15)


Art lovers will rejoice at news of yet another huge art event in Taipei, Art Taipei. Dozens of International and local galleries will showcase stunning works for you to oogle at, and buy- if you’ve got the cash! It’s usually quite a a crowded affair, so get in early to make the most of the experience.

Pop Up Asia (November 17-20)

Pop Up Asia event in Taipei

Crafty folk should make it a priority to pop into Pop Up Asia, Taipei’s largest exhibit of handmade goods ever. You’ll feel right at home with all kinds of handmade bits and bobs for you to rifle through at the exhibition hall in Songshan Creative Park.

Armin Only Embrace (November 26)

Armin Only Embrace Taipei 2016

There’s no need to “sell” Armin Only Embrace to Taipei-based fans of the prolific DJ, who will already be well aware he’s coming to Taipei for one night only. Having been proclaimed numerous times as the world’s number one DJ, you can imagine he puts on one hell of a concert, along with his collaborators who will be on the bill as well.

Jose Gonzalez (November 28)

Jose Gonzalez Taipei concert 2016

Who can ever forget the beautiful pairing of Jose Gonzalez’s sweet vocals in “Heartbeats” and those playful, bouncing balls in the accompanying video clip? The only thing that could possibly top it would be to go to a Jose Gonzalez concert and see him perform it, and the rest of his back catalogue, in the flesh.

Be sure to make the most of November. Before you know it, it’ll be December!


What events are you looking forward to this month? Know of any other interesting ones? Leave a comment below!

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