Halloween in Taipei 2016

Halloween in Taipei 2016

Dear Taipei,

It’s that brilliant time of year again: Halloween! And if you’re going to be in Taipei for it, consider yourself lucky because Halloween in Taipei is damn good.

I know for a fact it’s been on a lot of people’s minds because my Halloween article from last year has been my most read and searched for article lately. I keep seeing people clicking, but I’ve been debating whether to make one this year again as it’s quite an arduous process to put together. But as no one else seems to have put one together for this year, I guess I should do it all again! Presenting…

Halloween in Taipei 2016

Last updated: October 29

Friday, October 28

Adult Game Club

What? Music: Techno / House. The Wall (Korner Live): Tyler Friedman live (Kontra-Musik) Sweden, Betty Apple live, Barhker live, Hypnic Jerk live. Korner:  Francois X (Dement3d Records / Deeply Rooted) France, Jonas Landwehr Jonas Landwehr (Raw Imprint), Al Burro. Outer: Aowu, Agustin, Not So Basic, Touché. Dress code: Sexy or naked.
Who’s organizing? Korner
When? 22:00-06:00
Where? Korner:
B1, No.200, Sec.4., Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 116
How much? Advanced NT$500; Before 1AM: NT$500; After 1AM: NT$650 (includes one drink)
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1131481686936681/

BeerGeek Halloween Weekender (28-30 Oct)

What? BeerGeek Taipei is going to put the willies up you this Halloween Weekend (Oooer Missus) …We will have our special ales from the crypt event …. Come and take part in our unique pinball Tournament for prizes…Theres a special prize for the weekends #1 top scorer  !! Special ales from the crypt- Halloween themed draft/bottled beers. Fancy dress – Anyone in Halloween attire will get a free shot of Zombie Juice !! On the big screens we will be showing some great Horror video Scenes …
Who’s organizing? BeerGeek MicroPub Taipei
When? BeerGeek opening hours: 18:00-01:45 (Fri & Sat); 18:00-24:00 (Sun)
Where? Beer Geek: No.8,Yongji Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei
How much? Free entry
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/887126218053586/

Carnegie’s Halloween Costume Party

What? Carnegie’s Halloween Costume Party. 5000NT for the best dressed. Runner up prizes for 2nd and 3rd. Free entry for all those in costume. The madness starts at 10pm!!
Who’s organizing? Carnegie’s Taipei
When? 22:00-04:00
Where? Carnegie’s Taipei: 1F.,No.100,Sec.2, An-Ho Road, Taipei
How much? Free entry for all those in costume.
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/196318887445460/

Hip Hop Halloween: Rest In Beats

What? Biggie, 2Pac, ODB, Big L, Aaliyah, Big Pun, Eazy Z….some of Hip Hop and R&B’s greatest names left us all too early. This Halloween, The Beat pays tribute to their passing with Rest In Beats – A Friday night, Hip Hop Halloween Special.
Who’s organizing? The Beat
When? 10:00-04:30
Where? The Beat: B2, Taipei, Taiwan 106 Da’an District, Taipei
How much? NT$300 (+1 Drink) before 23:00; NT$400 (+1 Drink) after 23:00; Buy 1 Get 1 Free Before 24:00
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1657640541232566/

International Halloween Festival presented by ISN

What? Nurses, Pirates, Superheroes and Vampires: You are all invited! Friday the 28th of Oktober it is time for the most International Halloween party of Taipei! We will make sure that we turn ROOM18, into the scariest place you have ever seen and above all we will make sure every international student is there. The most important thing for you to do is to dress up, this is the only party of the semester where everybody strictly has to follow the dress code. Music: House/Deep House and EDM.
Who’s organizing? International Student Network
When? 22:00-05:00
Where? Room18: B1, No. 22, SongShou Rd., Taipei
台北市信義區松壽路22號B1 (Neo19)
How much? Online pre-sale: NT$250-550 
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/194732007617217/

MQ Halloween Party (October 28-30)

What? Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare! Costume party will be undertaken at 10pm on Friday October 28th to Sunday October 30th at The Haunted Mansion: MQ Special Halloween Shots & Bottle Packages. Free Entrance!
Who’s organizing? Marquee
When? 10pm on Friday October 28th to Sunday October 30th
Where? Marquee: Section 5, Xinyi Road, No 16, First floor
How much? Free entrance
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1586633621644121/

Saturday, October 29


What? Create Ur Mmmagic Presents: C.U.M.loween / Taiwan Pride Edition @ TheBeat. DJs: Cooper, Jimmy Chen, SoDa.G and Drag Queens: Bouncy Babs, Scarlet Boutée, Amily Givenchy, Alida McQueen. An LGBTQ Pride after-party for ALL gender expressions.
Who’s organizing? CUM-Create Ur Mmmagic
When? 22:00–04:30
Where? The Beat: 
106 Da’an District, Section 2, Fuxing S Rd, No. 27, B2 Taipei
How much? 300NT (includes 1 drink) before 11pm; 600NT (includes 2 drinks) after 11pm
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/543962279135431/

Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos!

What? In Mexico once a year we have a festival to remember and celebrate friends and family who have passed away. However its also to celebrate life and how great life can be!
Eddy’s Cantina is the first to bring this celebration to Taiwan! We will have Live Music by Taiwan’s most famous Mariachi JUAN! We are gonna have Dos Eddy’s Mexican Lager on Tap along with Margaritas, Horchata Cocktails and of course Mexican food! Have a Halloween costume you were planning on wearing that weekend? Perfect! Wear it anyways and lets all celebrate together! Better yet, wear a costume and the first shot of tequila is on us! So If you have a costume, bring it and if, not come and get your face painted anyway, no excuses!
When? 19:00-24:00
Where? Eddy’s Cantina Tianmu 2: 士林區天母東路63號, Taipei
How much? Free
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1407654262581415/

Hoppy Beer’o’Ween at B&C!

What? This halloween we’ve got some goulish treats up our sleeve…
Starting with these great DEALS!! Bourbon Barrel Aged Racks of Zombie Ribs! Beakers of local craft beer or Hard Rootbeer for 299nt! Buckets of Kentucky Ale (3 for 499nt). Horror movies on all the big screens! Prizes for best costume that include beer, beer and more beer!
When? 18:00-03:00
Where? Beer & Cheese Social House: Xinyi District, Section 2, Keelung Rd, No. 117
How much? Free entry
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1784736681815472/

Intergalactic Resurrection

What? The rumors are true! frog in a sock’s Resurrection party has outgrown the Red Theater! We needed to get bigger so now we’ve got a brand new warehouse with more rooms, an out of this world theme, 11 DJs, 2 bands, 3 costume competitions ready to make Intergalactic Resurrection a night to remember. Three Costume Competitions with NT$18,000 in cash prizes.
Who’s organizing? Frog in a sock
When? 22:000-05:30
Taipei Expo Park Pavilion of Dreams 花博公園夢想館-
台北市中山區濱江街12號 (新生園區) 林安泰古厝對面就是夢想館入口
How much? NT$ 800 (includes 1 drink)
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1653119331646523/

La SalsaWeen

What?  On October 29, the annual La SalsaWeen will be launched. The new venue Mills Café Bistro offers an indoor and outdoor space, so we enjoy unlimited fun! There’s pre-drinks, dancing and a fierce modeling competition. (Translation)
Who’s organizing? La Salsa Taipei
When? 19:00-23:00
Where? Mills Cafe Bistro: Zhongshan North Rd, No. 181-1 (near Yuanshan Stn)
中山區中山北路三段 181-1 號
How much? Before Oct. 15: NT$600 (Includes 1 beer). On the day: $NT$800 (Includes 1 beer)

Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/327964534220051/

Level Up Presents: MASQ

What? We’ve been keeping this location secret.  It’s time we let you experience it and what better time then on Halloween. We’ll be on the 38th floor Marco Polo lounge enjoying this spooky holiday with proper cocktails, good tunes and Amazing Vibes. No need to deal with massive crowds, loud club music, packed bars. Chillness all the way. Of course we’ll get rowdy though. So join us on this Masquerade escapade. Prizes for Best Costume.
Who’s organizing? Level Up Experiences
When? 20:000-01:00
Where? Marco Polo Lounge: 敦化南路二段201號38樓, Taipei
How much? Guys: NT$700, Girls: NT$500
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1272024929514486/

Nox Inviticus

What? Welcome to the Nox Invictus Halloween Party! Hero? Vigilante? Ghoul or soul? Come to meet the challenges of the night! Saturday, October 29th we are cohosting an unforgettable International Halloween Party! Come dressed to impress! Meet & mingle with like-minded professionals and students while playing some fun games and contests! 6000NT in prizes!
When? 20:00-23:00
Where? Brass Monkey Fuxing: 104台北市中山區復興北路166號
How much? NT$400 Early Bird, NT$500 at door. Please contact the person in charge at your school for tickets
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/852417434860074/

Psy-lloween / B2B Madness! – Psy灣

What? It’s finally back again! Psy灣 is hosting it’s second party, and this time it’s on the freakiest night of the year! This time we have a special trick and treat for you, with every performance being back-to-back!! The party will start with some throbbing Techno, and then move into deeper and darker psychedelic Trance as the night goes on.
So, bring your costumes and your weirdness, and we’ll see you on the dancefloor!!
Who’s organizing? Psy灣
When? 23:00-06:00
Where? PIPE Live Music: 台北市思源街一號
How much? 
Before 24:00 NT$500; 24:00-0300: NT$600 (Includes 1 drink); 03:00-06:00: NT$400
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/536348319907531/ 

Room18 Halloween Roof Party: Pirates of Formosa

What? Pirares of Formosa Island – Room18 Halloween Roof Party. Pioneer DJ special guest: DJ Andrew Ford & Jetdub. Free entry and access to the open bar if you wear a full costume.
Who’s organizing? Room18 Taipei
When? 21:00-24:00
Where? Room18: B1, No. 22, SongShou Rd., Taipei
台北市信義區松壽路22號B1 (Neo19)
How much? Free entry and access to the open bar if you wear a full costume.
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1614287798871469/

Salud Halloween HolidaySalsa Masquerade Party! 2016

What? Dress Code is ‘Masquerade’ Welcome to join us with Halloween make-up or with mask. We also prepare many masks for free use^^ Salsa Lovers See you there.
Who’s organizing? Salud
When? 21:00-24:00
Salud Salsa Party: 中山區南京東路三段216巷23-1
How much? NT$300 (includes one drink)
Want more info? 

Taipei International & Exchange Students Halloween Party

What? Taipei,  it finally arrives! The biggest and the most naughtiest halloween party in the town! Write this down:Saturday, 29th of October! All exchange & exchange students
all internationals of Taipei, all Taiwanese students & party people. Get ready your sexiest mask costumes and come for unforgettable party!
Who’s organizing? International & Exchange students of Taipei
When? 22:30-05:00
Where? M Taipei: 台北市信義區信義路四段456號3樓
How much? All tickets include one cocktail/drink/beer. Those on the discount/friend list (click “going” + write name on the event wall) til 23:30 pay NT$300. If you’re not, you must pay NT$500, and after 23:30, everyone pays NT$500 (even if you are on the discount list).
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/716635911811467/

Sunday, October 30

Halloween party

What? It is said that on the Halloween, all the dead soul comes back to this world.
And people are missing every year on the day before Halloween, the 30th of Oct.
We are kindly to invite you as a detective to us to break the mistery.
Who’s organizing? Triangle
When? 14:00-19:00
Where? Triangle: No. 1, Yumen St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104
How much? Members $100 + drinks $100-$300 / Guests $250 + drinks $100-$300
Other Costs: Makeup and Cosmetics $150 (please advice us in advance if you would like to dress as a zombie, and you may also bring your own white clothes to paint some bloods on it)
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/678171109013501/

Tricks and Treats AcroYoga Workshop + Jam/Halloween Dance Party

What? Join us at Peacestreet Community Center for a Halloween themed Acroyoga workshop! The workshop will be divided into two parts. Part 1: AcroYoga Basics 1pm – 3pm (2 hours) and Part 2: Mindful Play + Therapeutic Flying/Thai massage 3:30pm – 6:30pm (3 hours). Jam/Halloween dance party: 6:30pm – 10pm (3.5 hours). Come dressed in your best costume and enjoy some acro playtime (no instructor) and music for the first hour. At 7:30 we will start turning up the volume and start to transition from acro play into dance play!
Who’s organizing? Peacestreet Community Center
When? 13:00-22:00
Where? Peacestreet Community Center: Heping East Rd, Sec. 3, No. 83, 3rd Floor
How much? Part 1: $600 Includes 1 fruit smoothie and Jam/Halloween dance party
Part 2: $800 Includes 1 fruit smoothie and Jam/Halloween dance party
Part 1 & 2: $1,200 Includes 1 fruit smoothie and Jam/Halloween dance party
Jam/Halloween dance party: $200 Includes an hour of costumed acro play (no instructor) followed by dancing and entrance into costume contest at 9pm!
Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1247441918641243/

Please note: The above list is a compilation of extracts from each respective event posted on Facebook. (Whereas last year I wrote the event descriptions myself). For further details and to clarify final details, please refer to the given Facebook pages. I’m updating this myself manually in my spare time, and am not getting any form of compensation doing so, so please be patient. Taipei venues announce their events very sporadically, so it’s hard to keep track. What’s more, even when they do make an event, often the information given is not complete/sparce.

Want to add/edit an event? Please leave a comment below.

Excited for Halloween? Let me know your thoughts and plans in the comments section!

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    1. Done! Thanks for the head’s up!


    1. Hi William,

      Just added the event! Cheers!


  1. Wendy Zhang · · Reply

    Hi! This is really helpful! If you don’t mind me asking, are these parties tourist friendly? And how strict these dress codes tend to be?


    1. Hi Wendy! 😀

      Glad it’s helpful!

      I’ve only been to one Halloween event here, and absolutely everyone was dressed up. Some people went all out, and other were more low-key with a simple mask. So long as you dress up a bit you’ll be fine!

      What do you mean by tourist friendly? If you mean is it ok for foreigners to go, of course! I’m a foreigner myself, and at most of these parties there’s at least a 50/50 Taiwanese to foreigner ratio.

      Check the individual pages for any events you’re interested in as that will give you a better indication of the vibe 🙂 Happy Halloween 😀


    1. Thanks Timmie, just added it 🙂


  2. Grace O Donnell · · Reply

    hey any thoughts on 2017?? love your list!


    1. Hi Grace! Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time this year to compile a list. I suggest going to Facebook and filtering a search by location (Taipei) and date (this weekend) and see what’s on. Hope that helps!Have a great one!


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