Cheap Haircuts in Taipei

Dear Taipei,

Today I felt like pimpin’ it, so I spent $100 on a haircut. Yeah Kanye, hold up, I’ll be with you in a sec.


OK, so maybe I should clarify. It was $100 NT dollars. Which is equivalent to around $4 AU/US/400円. I really treat myself, don’t I?

Where to find a ridiculously cheap haircut in Taipei

For those interested in this miraculously cheap hairdresser, it can be found ground floor in the Carrefour building near Ximending. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant as I inserted my precious $100 note into the machine which exchanged my big bucks for a ticket. A ticket which screamed, “I relinquish my head of hair to you, dear hairdresser, and with that, my trust that you won’t turn me into an experimental art work”.

Muddled Mandarin

I was swiftly seated and (assumedly) my hairdresser asked me what I wanted. Completely unprepared with any words which would be a bit helpful such as, you know, hair, cut, fringe and phrases like “I need you to calm my clown hair down please”, I somehow muddled my way through the following exchange just in Mandarin (except for the word “trim”, because that’s a great word to use when speaking to someone who says they don’t know English). But first up in I’ll write what I said in Mandarin, for kicks. As anyone that can read it can see, it’s quite laughable. Enjoy. :



謝謝。 我不要厚。


這個。。。。  謝謝

謝謝 x 100000

Me: Sorry I only speak a little Mandarin.
HD: That’s ok. I don’t speak any English.
Me: I would like a “trim”.
Me: Thank you. Ahhhh, *quickly look up word for thick on my Chinese app*, I don’t want thick. Thank you. *awkwardly stretching out my arms and bringing them in to show how I wanted my hair thinned out*
Me: Thank you. *Trying to find my split ends, which of course I can’t fine the one time I need them* Ahh, I don’t want these.
Me: Thank you. This… Scrunching up my hair to make some makeshift fringe
Me: Thank you. (When you have a lack of vocabulary, thank you can be said endless times to great effect)

So there I am, sitting there in the chair, watching clumps of hair fall to the pace of my fast heart beat. As I’m witnessing a bit of a lack of technique I start getting a bit nervous. Oh god, what if I end up like Pitbull?

A whole 8 minutes later, my hair cut was done! It sure didn’t look like I had had a haircut when I left, as given the no frills nature of the haircut, and the extra friziness of my hair caused by the rainy weather, it looked worse than before I entered. But thanks to my beloved hair straightener, I think it turned out alright in the end! In fact, I’m quite impressed with it! As someone who gets 2 haircuts (at most) a year, I would be happy with anything, let alone something half way decent!

The result


So I will add, “cheap haircuts” to my endless list of why I love Taipei.

In fact, yesterday, my dad asked me what I don’t like about Taiwan. I seriously couldn’t come up with anything! I guess, the weather is pretty bad sometimes (days and days of heavy rain, and super hot days of 30 degrees when its not even summer yet). But honestly, so far, I can’t fault it. I am such a Taiwanofile.

imageGiven my blog is called Typing to Taipei, I thought while I was on a bit of a selfie spree (note the lack of selfie stick, thanks), I should throw one with me typing. Just so you don’t think I’m some fembot that produces odd blogs about Taipei.

By the way, today I had my mid-term exam! I think it went alright! I didn’t want to study too much as that can often be counterproductive.

I can’t believe I’m now 1/2 way through my first semester. It’s been 6 weeks, and we have finished 6 chapters. That’s half the book! That, according to our teacher, is an average pace. I am perfectly happy with the pace and content and I still think my teacher is just amazing.

I mean, she is so cool she said the day before the exam, “So you can go home and study tonight. Or don’t study at all. Up to you!”

She explained that they have a saying in Chinese along the lines of “Small test, have small fun. Big test, have big fun”. As in, if you have a big test like a midterm, go party!

And look at me, getting a haircut without even knowing how to say the word “hair”.

You could say, that I’m a real cut above the rest. (Don’t deny it, I know you ROFLed)

…Aaaand to make a very swift exit on that note, have a happy weekend!




  1. ChasingGains · · Reply

    I have no idea specifically why, but I always find your posts insanely entertaining, and punny!
    Please keep it up!


    1. Thanks man! I appreciate it!

      It’s probably the mix of insanity and punniness in one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This both inspired me to have the guts to walk into a $100 place, and scared me away from it! I speak *no* Mandarin but want to cut off like 8 inches – think its safe?


    1. Hi Shalaka! Thanks for your comment!:)

      Hehehe I’m glad my post could provide some inspiration. Wow, that’s quite a lot you wamy to cut off. I think it would be fine if you made it very clear with gestures exactly how much you want to cut off. Maybe just point to the length and make some scissoring motion? Haha!

      If you have a friend who speaks Mandarin maybe you can get them to write down in Chinese exactly what you want.

      I think you shall be fine though!!!


  3. Are men’s barbershops in Taipei cheap to start with? I want a Lebanese-Aussie ‘fade’. 0 to 5 at the back, and keep the length on the top. I’m staying quite near Taipei main station and ‘peace park’.


    1. Hi! If you go to this type of cheap hairdresser, it will be very affordable. You can show them a picture and try to explain what you want – perhaps they speak English! Otherwise, proper hairdressers I imagine for men will be around 300-600 kuai.


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