What’s Happening in Taipei: June Events

Dear Taipei,

Beach. Sun. DJ battles. Parties. Food.

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s just a taste of the events lined up on the social calendar for Taipei this June. Want to find out more? Read my Taipei this June (click to read!) article I wrote for Travelog!

This month, you can look forward to…The event calendar for Taipei this June is packed with fun and interesting activities for all to enjoy

  • Maji Maji’s Outdoor Party: dancing outdoors to DJs, food-in-hand
  • Neon Party: a time to let lose in your neon finest
  • World DJ Championships: Taiwan’s best DJ’s battle it out for the last time on home land
  • Food Taipei: a must visit food expo for those who live by their stomach’s desires
  • Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival: a picturesque beach littered with awe-inspiring sand sculptures

Hooked? Read more by heading to:


Whether you chose to soak up some sun, get a bit of sand between your toes, or get your music, food or dance fix, this June is looking to be a killer month.


(Header image- 2015 Fulong Sand Sculture Festival. Photo credit: Lust To Wander)

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