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Oh why, why, why: Singing in Mandarin

Dear Taipei, When you’re learning a language, sometimes you have to throw all your dignity out the window and do a terrible tone-deaf cover in front of your whole class. (Video below…) The other day when our teacher said that in lieu of our usual weekly speech we would instead have to perform something in […]

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Today I put a pomelo on head and was blessed by the heavens

What is Mid Autumn Festival, and why do people put pomelos on their head to celebrate? Find out here.

Lesson #725 in Chinese: Word order is very important.

Dear Taipei, Just a quick post for now because I have to start my homework (my, what a convenient time to be blogging), but thought I should share this. Lesson #725 in Chinese: Word order is very important. In a recent chapter test, I had to rewrite an incorrect sentence to make it grammatically correct […]