What’s Happening in Taipei: June Events

Taipei June Events

Here’s my roundup of the best events to check out in Taipei this June.

Dear Taipei,

June has arrived! You know what that means? It’s finally time to pack away the last of your warm woolens and break out the summer gear. I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to finally get some continual sun and chilled times by the pool. Yes, it’s going to get very, very hot (if it’s your first time here, you’ve been warned…), but there’s lots of awesome events this month to keep you distracted!

As usual, I’ve picked 5 events to feature in my monthly events round up for Travelog. Read the article, Taipei this June, as it’ll outline a lot more info about these events.

In addition to the 5 featured events, I’ve also included 10 more unique events to check out this June below.

June Events in Taipei

Don’t Drive, It’s Jazz Night @ Gogoro Wonderland (June 1)

Gogoro Wonderland event

Gogoro Wonderland is a series of fun events organized by the electric scooter company.

Jazz by night is the theme of this event held as part of Gogoro’s series of cultural events this month. Jazz bands X JAZZ MEN 楓谷樂團 and  帥國人 Shuaiguoren will perform. If you can’t make it on the 1st, there’s another chance to catch them on 8th as well! Learn more here.

Computex (June 1-3)

Computex is a popular annual B2B ICT/IoT (Internet of Things) trade show which focuses on 5 main themes: AI & Robotics, IoT Applications, Innovations & Startups, Business Solutions, and Gaming & VR. Find out more here.

Select: Modern & Contemporary Art Auction (June 3)

An art auction of modern and contemporary art held at the Taipei Marriott Hotel. Find out more about the event here.

Don’t Drive, It’s Jazz Night @ Gogoro Wonderland (June 8)

The second and last night of the Gogoro’s jazz night series featuring jazz bands 帥國人 Shuaiguoren and X JAZZ MEN 楓谷樂團 . Learn more about the event here.

Midnight Sonorous w/ Darius (June 9)

Up and coming French house music DJ, Darius, will show his skills at Barcode. Find out more about the event here.

Havana 2017 Grand Opening Pool Party (June 10)

Havana Pool Party Taipei

Havana has you covered if you love DJs, partying, pools, and beer. (Photo credit: Frog in a Sock)

If you’ve been in Taipei a while, you’ll know that the onset of pool party season in Taipei gets a lot of people excited.

Havana is the craziest of the bunch, as absolutely everyone there is up for a good time (i.e. drinking, dancing, and splashing around).

Find out the details here.

Zero Gravity Paradise (June 10)

A talk about animation and multimedia held at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Most probably only in Chinese.  Find out more about the event here.

一日音樂節-醉聲夢死林森北 (June 11)

A one day music festival with a lineup of Taiwanese bands. Learn more about the event here.

Funktopia Vol. 2 (June 11)

A free DJ and dance party held at Ximen’s Red House. Learn more about the event here.

Britney Spears Live in Concert (June 13)

Britney Spears Live in Taipei concert

There’s got to be some of you who are excited to see Britney perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and other hits in the flesh… right? (Image credit: Britney Spears)

It’s Britney, bitch (sorry… I could resist). Britney is coming to Taipei, so it’s a rare chance to this childhood idol in the flesh. Find out more about the event here.

Craft Comedy (June 17)

A night of laughter at 23 Public’s revered comedy night. Find out more here.

Fête De La Musique (June 17)

A French music festival featuring amateur and professional musical performances. Along with music, there will be French food, wine, beverages, and more. Learn more here.

Throw Some Shapes (June 17)

A lineup of DJs “laying down funky beats, deep, bumpin basslines, sultry vocals, quirky hooks and then THROWIN SHAPES.” The event is indoors, so you won’t be soaked by the rain when you’re partying. Find out more here.

Stage Time and Wine Xc (June 17)

Grab a drink, get comfy, and enjoy see all types of creative performances from locals and foreign talent. If you have a talent of your own, or something to share, you can sign up on the night. Read more here.

Independent Taipei Fair Taipei (June 23)

An art fair with nearly 100 young artists held at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Learn more about the event here.

Food Taipei (June 24)

Food Taipei 2017

If you love food, you’ll love all the food-related madness at Food Taipei. (Image credit: Food Taipei)

Foodies will relish the chance to go to a giant expo dedicated completely to food. Think of it as an opportunity to sample food from all around the world, and purchase some cooking products and utensils to up your game. Food Taipei actually spans from the 21st to 24th, but only the final day (the 24th) is open to the public. Learn more about the event here.

Jason Cheny Live in Taipei! (June 24)

Jason Cheny is a Taiwanese American stand-up comedian who is returning to Taipei for one night only to perform at WOW in Ximen. He’s headlined shows worldwide, and has been featured on the tv show ‘Laughs on Fox’. Find out more here.

Oasis Pool Party 2017 Kickoff (June 24)

An alternative to the wildness of the Havana pool parties, Oasis attracts a more subdued crowd. Find out more about the event here.

White Fungus presents Depopulate 07 (June 24)

The 7th installment of this live sound, art and performance event. There’s a strong lineup to look forward to – Zahra Killeen-Chance (Auckland), Yousuke Fuyama (Tokyo), Wang Fujui, HH, Betty Apple, and ON (Orange Hou & Noise Steve). Learn more here.

Craft Beer & BBQ Summer Rooftop Sessions Vol. 1 (June 24)

The first rooftop craft beer and BBQ session held at East Drink West for the summer. 
Learn more about the event here

2017 6th Taiwan Vegan Frenzy (June 30 – July 2)

Taiwan Vegan Frenzy

Tell all your vegan friends in Taipei about this huge vegan fest. (Image credit: Taiwan Vegan Frenzy)

There are more and more vegan events popping up in Taipei. This one is one of the biggest, so if you’re free over the 30th of June to July 2nd, why not check it out? Find out more here.

Art Formosa (30 June – 2 July)

The first day of this large, 3 day art event at Songshan Culture and Creative Park starts on the very last day of June. Learn more here.

Hope these June events help you have a memorable one!

  • Remember to read the full article I wrote for more details of my recommended events to go to this month!


Want to add a great June event to this list?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Eadaoin · · Reply

    It’s Britney bitch…lol Monica!


    1. Hahaha, glad you appreciate! Thanks for commenting fam! ❤


  2. Woow, this looks really amazing,
    This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40’s

    Keep posting,
    Kind regards


  3. This is what I was missing since quite some time. Hsinchu gets to me sometimes, making me live like a boring turtle. That is a nice compilation, cheers to your efforts.


    1. Hey!

      Long time no speak! Thanks for writing in again 😀

      hahaha, a boring turtle – love that! Don’t worry, sometimes I don’t make the most of all the things going on here and feel like a boring turtle myself!

      Thanks a lot for the encouragement! 😀 Let me know if you’re ever in Taipei, we can go explore some events!


      1. I was having a prolonged siesta :p
        Honestly, I don’t mind the laidback lifestyle of Hsinchu. It makes me control several cravings, clubbing is the most vital one 😀
        I will be in Taipei for nine Sundays beginning June 26th. So, shoot me a message whenever a plan strikes your mind. 🙂 🙂


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