What’s happening in Taipei: October edition

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Dear Taipei,

I don’t know why, but it seems that every month in Taipei seems to have a certain theme to its events. September was all about music. This month? October is leaning towards a very international theme to its major events. 

What do I mean? Well, for a detailed overview, check out my latest Travelog article, October in Taipei.

October Events in Taipei

Nuit Blanche (October 1-2)

Poster of Nuit Blanche Taipei

As if this poster with all it’s mystery doesn’t make you curious to check out Nuit Blanche

The French sure know how to bring attention to the arts. Nuit Blanche is a massive celebration of all things creative from 6pm to 6am. Expect live performances, interactive installation, and all the art your sleep deprived body can handle.

Daniela Andrade (October 13)

Daniela Andrade live in Taipei poster

Daniela will play at The Wall on October 13th

Fans of Daniela Andrade will be familiar with her (modern) story-book rise to fame. From Youtube to world tours, Daniela has deservingly come a long way. If you don’t know her, check out her sweet clip below- it might just convince you to go to her highly-anticipated concert at The Wall.

Oktoberfest (October 14)

Oktoberfest celebration

The Official Beer Lovers Convention aka Octoberfest (Image via German Trade Office Taipei)

So there’s a damn big official Oktoberfest celebration this month, and I’m not going to beat around the bush- it’s on the pricer side. But when faced with the prospect of guzzling down unlimited German beer and dig into a Bavarian feast, well, money might not seem like such a limitation after all.

2nd Annual 24 Hour Theater Festival (October 14)

The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Theater Festival in Taipei

Don’t expect the usual affair- this is theater with a twist

I can’t hide that I’m a huge fan of The Lab Space, the theater I saw the phenomenal play, God of Carnage. So when I saw that they were holding a 24 Hour Theater Festival, it was a no brainer that I should write about it. The festival is based on the crazy concept to script, practice and perform a play all in 24 hours. But that vigour is exactly what will make it so damn good.

Okinawa Art Festival (October 14-16)

Okinawa Art Festival Taipei poster

Along with hoards of art displays and workshops, there will be food and coffee to help keep you energised

Judging from its Facebook event page, the Okinawa Art Festival seems to be quite an intimate affair. But don’t mistake that just because it’s on the smaller side that there’s not a lot to do there. For those into art, the more intimate setting should make it all the more engaging to get your hands dirty in the workshops and get some tips from the pros.

There it is: 5 events to check out this October. Remember folks, you can get more details of all these events by reading my Travelog article.

Enjoy your October everyone!


Which events are you excited to check out this October? Know of any other exciting events this month (or even next month!). Leave me a comment below!


  1. Here’s also some exciting English comedy shows coming up if you’re interested.
    Oct. 5th, Improv Jam at Sappho Jazz Bar.
    Oct. 8th, Stand-up Comedy show at Yiamas Greeka Taverna feature visiting comedian.
    Oct. 13th, Suffer Club at Rolling Stone Cafe in Ximen.
    Oct. 15th, Stand-up Comedy show at Oxygen
    Oct. 25th, Stand-up Comedy show at HANKO60 in Ximen feature visiting comedians.
    Oct. 27th, Stand-up Comedy show at Beer&Cheese feature visiting comedians.


    1. Hey Amy! Wow what a great list. I’ve been to the show at Yiamas before, it was fun! Hopefull, I’ll get a chance to check out another show soon!


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