What’s happening in Taipei: May edition

Dear Taipei,

This month in Taipei, it’s all about my favourite physical activities- eating and drinking.

In the article I wrote for Travelog this month about some of the unique events happening in Taipei this month (check it our here!), the focus of 3/5 of the events is food and drink related.

Now, I would firstly like to defend my selection by asserting that food and drink related events seemed to particularly dominate the event scene this month. But who knows, maybe I was just hungry/thinking about food as usual…

Taipei events in May

Click this pic to read more about the coolest events happening this month!

In any case, there’s a lot of exciting events to get your stomach grumbling. Kick off May on a delicious note with the Wine & Gourmet show,the Latin American Food and Music Festival and the Taiwan Aeropress Championship. My article outlines more information about these events.

But, as much as I’d like to make everything about food (like I do in my daily life), I do realise the need for balance. So I’ve also covered an event which is sure to get many roused up- the Copa América Taiwán football tournament, and also the inspiring Artists Bridge the Gap initiative which will feature a brilliant trifecta of live art, theatre and music.

I’m really looking forward to attending as many of these events as I can. Dressed to the nines in some appealing stretchy pants and all.


Feature image credit: http://www.winegourmettaipei.com/

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