The Ultimate Guide to Museums in Taipei

Dear Taipei,

Boy, you sure know how to cover all your bases with your museums! Within your bountiful collection there’s a bit of history, culture, science, and ah, shall we say- more “unconventional” themes.

If only, if only there was a one-stop guide to all your museums…

Wait. What? There is?! Presenting: The Definitive List of Taipei’s Museums


Click on this pic to read all about Taipei’s amazing museums!

This article I created for Travelog is a run down of every major museum in Taipei. I hope I can shed a bit of light on some of Taipei’s lesser known museums (Museum of Drinking Water anyone?), and perhaps even convince you to pop into one or two for a visit.

In typical “me” fashion, when I started writing, I couldn’t just stop at reviewing a handful of museums- I’m to the core an all or nothing kind of girl. I thought, to just choose a few would be missing an opportunity to create a document which could potentially be really useful to both travelers and expats living here. Especially considering that after scouring the web, I could not find a single “ultimate list” of Taipei’s museums (although there’s certainly quite a few “top 5” lists).


A peek inside one of the gorgeous displays at the Miniatures Museum

I figured, that given the volume and variety of museum, embarking on a tour of them could prove a bit problematic as it’s hard to know which way to turn. What’s more- beyond the much lauded crowd favourite, The National Palace Museum, there’s a hoard of museums people many people haven’t yet ventured to.

Why? I suspect it’s either because some of these museums simply don’t interest some people, or they don’t know about the museums’ existence… yet!


Take a peaceful break on the tatami at the Hot Spring Museum in Beitou

Well, I hope after you read my article you’ll feel enticed to branch outside the usual circuit kick start your museum hopping days. Go beyond the Palace and check out some of those more niche museums! Some of them exceeded my expectations (I’m looking at you, Mr Miniatures Museum!), and I’m glad I didn’t just dismiss them by their names.

Keep an eye out, as over the next couple of months I’m going to post some reviews of some of the lesser known museums so you can get more of an insight.

Happy browsing!


P.S. I left off any art “museums” as I’ll have an article out soon with Travelog covering them.

How many of the 13 museums listed have you visited? Which ones do you recommend? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. […] it doesn’t by any means have the grandeur of the Palace Museum, or the popularity of any of Taipei’s other museums. Despite being a relatively new museum, it has a slightly outdated feel, and lacks a certain […]


  2. Good rec on the miniature museum. Not only is it entertaining to look at, it’s also great reference collection site for environment concepts. 😀


    1. Hi J.!

      It’s great- isn’t it? I think it’s nice to go somewhere people may disregard and to discover all the wonders there! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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