Thank you! My first Vlog!

Dear Taipei,

Apologies for my absense, the last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic with wonderful visits from two of my most loyal readers… my mum and my great friend Tash.

Speaking of readers; I just wanted to say thank you for following me! As a “thank you” I present to you my first ever vlog! It’s pretty rough as there’s no editing and it’s just *from the heart*, so please don’t judge too harshly! 🙂

I saw that I have over 4500 page views for this crazy site, so I just wanted to say a face to face XIE XIE to all you amazing people who for some reason or another read my insane posts!

I’m a bit shy on camera as I’ve never done something like this before, and dislike being filmed, but that’s pretty much me. Rising Australian inflections and all! (Where everything is a question?)

I’ll write about my recent adventures soon when I get a bit of time! Thanks again for keeping up with my posts- friends, family, and friends who I’ve not yet to meet!

A special thanks to anyone who’s given my words of encouragement or given me feedback. I can’t desrcibe how happy it makes me feel when I know my writing made someone laugh or smile, or encouraged you to become curious about something or even just given you something to read as you brush your teeth.

Sometimes it seems silly to keep up with this thing, and oftentimes I don’t feel like I’m “good” enough at whatever I’m trying to achieve here. But, when I hear someone tell me “hey, I really liked what you wrote” it helps me banish those thoughts, if only for a second.

Here’s to more Dear Taipeis until the end (whenever that is!).



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