Day 4, Part B: Carb loading

Dear Taipei,

I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to get a bit worried about how amazing your food is. Not only is it so flavoursome, but so bloody cheap that I am eating (literally) at least double what I ate before. Which is a cause for concern because that was a I-can-eat-a-whole-pizza-for-myself-thank-you-please-pass-the-sauce-again kind of appetite.

The reason I premise my entry with that is because Part B of Day 4 just involves food. Just. Food. So I will just write a bit so that it’s not just food porn, and I don’t feel so guilty for being such a glutton!

After our Zentangle drawing experience, Rebecca, Connie and I headed out for lunch. We went to yum cha, which is one of my favourite activities (will you let me call it a sporting event?). For those unfamiliar, it is a type of cuisine from Hong Kong which involves servings of dumplings, rolls and other wonderful things which are meant to be communally shared. I love it because it’s such a fun experience trying so many different dishes in a communal atmosphere (i.e. eying down the last dumpling) and because you can look forward to eating your favourites as most of the dishes are the same no matter where you go.



Speaking of eying food down, I’d like to share a most groundbreaking and important discovery I’ve made. I call it the theory of Thou Who Asks, Wants Thee. Stay with me. After intense observation, and having participated in this technique myself, I’m pretty sure it’s somewhat accurate. Basically, my theory is that the person who asks for the last portion of whatever is remaining on the table wants it. BAD. Cast your mind back to your last meal with friends. Do you remember that in a conversation break, someone just casually (this is key) said, “hey, so, ah, anyone want the last (insert remaining food name here)”. They come across as altruistic, falsely encouraging people to reflect on their selflessness, “why, he seemed like a bit of an asshole, but how could he be when he is offering the last dumpling to us?”


They are hoping, preying, making a pact with the devil that no one will say yes. The key is to wait until just about everyone announces how full they are- “ahhhh, guys, I ate too much, I saw my reflection in my spoon and mistook myself for a blob fish. Hey, you think you can eat those? Not that I could now, because I’m SO full, but hypothetically, you know”.

And if no one says yes, they can just say, “Well, I GUESS, for the interests of landfill and the starving children and the economy and my neighbour’s dog I should eat it”. I know, because it’s a good move to pull, especially at yum cha where there is ALWAYS a remaining dumpling that everyone is trying so hard not to notice, but it’s bleedingly obvious everyone does because it’s like there are strobe lights around it and “Bow Chika Wow Wow” music a-happening.

So this may or may have taken place as Connie, Rebecca and I got to know each other. DAMMIT IT WAS CALLING MY NAME.


For dinner, we met up again with Amy and Ricky for a feast. Not that we needed it, but, in the interests of continued socialising it was completely necessary. Ricky, being a local, led us to a great place where there was an amazing variety of food on display.


All the food is presented ready for eyeballing, and you tell the servers what you want and they instantly dish you a bowl of it. As we were a rather large group, we had the chance to try so many dishes. We all fell in love with the eggplant and enjoyed acquainting ourselves with standard Taiwanese dishes of tofu, cabbage, bamboo, pork floss and congee. It was another lovely meal shared by lovely people who I am so happy to call my friends now. Even you Connie!

Catch you later!


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